retarded skank (aidsadelic) wrote in afisucks,
retarded skank

I hate preps, you know...Jocks, cheerleader, All those who are "2 kool 4 skool"? I hate them all. I hate people who can't be consistent in their opinions, I hate those who won't shut the fuck up, I hate those bratty kids. Heres whats wrong with the world today. People are allowed to do too much. Like talk. People talk too much especially girls (or at least the ones at my school) they're so damn gabby. Plus teacher are pussies. They're too afraid to be sued for cracking some skull. I hate lazy bastards who wander around the room expecting someone else to do their work, like that'll ever happen. Like this one kid in my biology class he spends 10 fucking minuets at a time wandering around the room, not doing anything whatsoever to contribute to his group. I hate people who are overly aggressive for the simplest things I.E. "Don't push me". Yea, I'll keep that in mind next time I'm late for class or "don't tell me to shut-up!" I can tell anyone anything at anytime I want to, its annoying enough that the whole damn stair well has to listen to your god-awful banshee shreek, but god forbid that some one ask you to be quiet.

I hate ignorant people "whats 3^3?", I believe that needs no more explanation. I hate people who can't comprehend a simple sentence, let alone concoct one. I hate it when people have a complete disregard for athority, unless ofcourse the teacher is an ass hat. I hate people who want to start stuff with me, like I don't get enough shit from people that piss me off unbeknowst to them. I have so much built up anger I could literally kill someone. I can't wait till I get elected president. no, forget that, ruler of the universe, then I'll banish Ignorance. Speaking of banishment...hippies are banish, or will be put to greater use, Like sending them to war so they get killed instead of real people, or fixing our pot-hole problems in our streets. I'll raise taxes so that we can get better supplies at school goddammit. I hate it when people bitch about taxes. "Oh my god, the taxes are so high, I'm gonna vote for some dumbass who'll lower taxes cause I'll be dammed if that wasn't building a better america". I hate it when people decide to form a political allaince because their parents support some dumbass.

Why do people have to be so stupid, why can't people form their own ideas? Do we live in such a mind-dump that everybody has to be the same? What the fuck is the matter with america? There is no america, there is no freedom, its all communism. Do we get to chose when we go to war? NO! What about bills to obliterate vegetarians? No! We live in a nation of Dumbasses. Thats it, I'm moving to Japan, thats where the least of the dumbasses live
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