WonderFoam (_z0mbie_) wrote in afisucks,


I was searching through a lingerie catalog doing some... research, when I stumbled upon this specific model who bears a striking resemblance to Davey Havok. Pic for comparison included.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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I hope you all go to hell because AFI is the best band ever. Because they are the one thing that is different when everything else sounds the same. You all area gay fags and I hope you all DIE!

gay fags.

It's funny that there's actually people like you in this world.
I know, You've heard this all before. And I know you guys are probably fucking sick of it.

But, Im going to agree with all the other AFI fans, by saying this is very Childish. There is nothing wrong with hating AFI, but it is childish to make a whole community about it. Its pretty childish for me to even being saying anything about it, but, I must speak my mind.

I dont know what you bitches like, switchfoot, avril, 50 cent, or whatever the fuck floats your boat, but, AFI is probably 100 times better then any band you fucking listen to. I know AFI has REAL talent, and they make REAL music, and write about what they want to write about, and dont give a shit if anyone hates it. You guys could at least give them some fucking credit for all their fucking talent.

I dont know why I just wasted my time saying that. But, go on with this stupid shit, and I hope and pray that one day all of you will just grow up. People like you are the reason this world is nothing but a pile of shit.
afi and it's members are the reason this world is bereaved in shit. Lyrics reciting, "waa, waa, pain, angst, temporary discomfort altered to make a buck" sided by guitar scales that are substituting for riffs, along with the all too stereotypical, "boom tick" of a drum beat completely nulls any chance of afi even being considered as "good music."

They deserve no credit for that. I could do that. What time signature changes, dissonant chords, interesting lyrics (okay, for a mind not submerged in [pain] some petty emotion) or amazing double bass signatures does afi have? Oh. Thats right. None at all.

Shouldn't you be the one doing the growing up? Shouldn't you be refining your musical tastes a little bit?

Why don't you check out Botch, Harkonen, Bear Vs. Shark, 12 Rounds, or Kill Sadie out? Just a friendly suggestion from someone else who believes in good music. [But does not defend shitty bands.]

And I know all of those bands do not have every trait that I listed but, they do have some of them. afi however, does not.
Everyone has their own taste in music.

While you listen to bands like Botch, Harkonen, Bear Vs. Shark, 12 Rounds, or whatever, I listen to bands like Qntal, AFI, The Cure, Paralysed Age, H.I.M., The Dreamside, Placebo, MCR, David Bowie and such. So, NO I shouldn't be the one growing up because of my music taste, because that has nothing to do with how old you act.

Those emotions are a part of everyday life. Everyone goes through pain, so, I dont know what your beef is with that. And their lyrics have helped people, so I dont know why you make them sound all depressing and such.

You can go on and hate AFI, you have that right. I just think its odd that you people seem to hate them so much, like they actually did something to you. They're just out there making music like any other band. You can like it, or you can hate it. Whatever floats your boat. But, music is my whole life, and I have respect for every band out there, I dont care who they are. Every band has some sort of talent, so I give respect to all of them.

Im done getting angry with you guys. Say what you will, I really dont care. By commenting Im only giving you what you want.

peace, and have fun.

Much Love to you all.

You're very shoddy at trying not to react, you know that? In reference to growing up in regards to music taste, yeah, its not about age, its about adaptation to something more mature and tasteful disregarding age but, still being in touch with an aesthetic sense.

All of the bands you listed are still horrible, too. Wheres the complexity and taste?

And, for afi affecting people... wow, that is pathetic. Does it humor their fans to see some guy with a massive chin and his gay lover wallow in a sty of ill formed pathos? You tell me. Regardless, it is horrible that anyone can find a sense of well-being from such a charnal house of shit, otherwise known as afi.

Feed/humor me.
I think I'm the only one actually replying to the original post.

I really see the resemblance. That's quite disturbing.
Also, people are stupid. I actually like AFI. But I'm also strong enough to say they suck. YAY :P
Okay... AFI rock and every one can have their own opinion about what they think about them,, but theres no need to go round spreading shit about the band members and it shouldn't matter what they look like!!
I see similarity in the hair and that is it.
I am a huge afi fan
but the kids who reply to this community who can't spell worth shit
make me feel bad to be grouped in the same category as them.