retarded skank (aidsadelic) wrote in afisucks,
retarded skank

What the hell? Why do you kids even bother? We don't just sit around and make Anti_Blink182 forums, or any Anti communities for that matter. We don't care what you guys want to listen to, because that's you, and that's what you like. You really ought to grow up, and find something better to do with your time. Yes, I told you to grow up, just like the other Juggalo did. Ohh, I'm kickass. Anyway, back to my point . . . There's no need to go around and say "Oh, Juggalos are fags." At least we have something to live for. Not all Juggalos sit around and say, "Oh, I'm so dark and depressed and I want to die." In fact, the real ones are quite the opposite. We're not just some freak who walks down the street dressed in clown makeup. Truly, you rarely see that. Only at a concert. Get the fuck off everyone's back for being a Juggalo, because like I said, we're not anti-YOU.
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